HMG & Associates Inc.

Laboratories and Research Facilities

Scientific research facilities come with their own set of energy, waste, and mechanical challenges. More than any other type of building, the environment and quality of utility service in each research space will affect the quality of the work being performed. The experts at HMG & Associates, Inc. (HMG) understand this. They also know why these facilities often need more energy than any other building type.

We have successfully met the challenge of designing high quality, energy efficient laboratories located in the extreme weather conditions of Texas. Each of the research facilities we have designed over the last eight years has received LEED Certified, LEED Silver, or LEED Gold status from the United States Green Building Council.

University of Texas -
Norman Hackerman Building

Seven-level, LEED Gold-certified research and teaching facility in Austin, Texas housing organic chemistry and biomedical laboratories, a 25,000 sq ft vivarium, and a central imaging facility.

Project Architect: CO Architects, Los Angeles, California / Taniguchi Architects, Austin, Texas
Total GSF Building: 300,000 gsf
Project Cost: $110,000,000

Our work on the project included:

  • 3000-ton chilled water VAV/HVAC system
  • 15,000 square foot solar panel array for heating water
  • AHU condensate heat recovery
  • Low flow fume hoods
  • 1300 kW of emergency power generation


University of Texas -
Biomedical Engineering Building

Six-level LEED Silver (main building) and LEED Gold (South expansion) teaching and research laboratory and office building in Austin, TX serving the colleges of Biomedical Engineering, Biology and Pharmacy.

Project Architect: Parsons, Austin, Texas
Total GSF Building: 182,000 gsf
Project Cost: $60,000,000

Our work on the project included:

  • Chilled water VAV/HVAC system with heat recovery
  • AHU condensate precooling of office area outside air
  • One floor of terminal HEPA filtered air for Optics Labs
  • Rainwater recovery system
  • Outside air heat recovery


Texas Biomedical Research Institute -
Phase V Laboratory and Office Building

Two-level main administration building and attached laboratory building in San Antonio, Texas housing biomedical labs and a BSL-3 suite. The facility is LEED certified.

Project Architect: FKP, Houston, Texas / Lake | Flato, San Antonio, Texas
Total GSF Office: 40,000 gsf
Total GSF Laboratory: 30,000 gsf
Project Cost: $24,000,000

Our work on the project included:

  • Variable refrigerant flow HVAC system for office
  • Outside air heat recovery unit for office
  • 450-ton chilled water central plant serving laboratory building and data center
  • 850 kW capacity emergency generator
  • 20,000-gallon rainwater and condensate recovery system


University of Texas at San Antonio –
Three Laboratory Buildings – San Antonio, Texas

Six-level, five-level and single level Biological, Chemical and Engineering research and teaching laboratories.

Project Architects: FKP Architects, Houston, Texas / Garza/Bomberger & Associates, San Antonio, Texas
Total GSF of Buildings: 437,000 gsf
Total Project Cost of all three Buildings: $120,000,000 (estimated)

  • 3700-ton total capacity, chilled water VAV air systems
  • 600,000 cfm capacity total for air systems
  • Separate systems for vivarium spaces
  • Exhaust air heat recovery
  • Clean room engineering research spaces
  • 2.4 MW of emergency power generation


Additional Laboratories and Research Experience Includes:

  • AKZO Chemical Company - FCC-3 Lab Building
  • Austin Community College - Cypress Creek Biology Labs
  • Chevron Chemical Company - Laboratory Building
  • Ciba Geigy - Chemical Division Lab
  • COA - Forensic Lab
  • Department of Public Safety - DNA Lab, CODIS Lab
  • Hoechst/Celanese - (multiple projects)
  • Introgen Corporation - Biotechnology Research and Manufacturing Facility
  • Mobil Chemical Company - Q/C Lab
  • Radian Corporation - (30 projects)
  • South Texas Blood & Tissue Center
  • Southwest Analytical Chemical - Analytical Lab
  • Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research - Urschel Slick Bldg. Phase III and IV
  • Texaco Chemical Company - (multiple laboratories)
  • Texas Biomedical Research Institute - Phase V Laboratory and Office Building - San Antonio, Texas
  • Texas Department of Health - New Laboratory Building
  • Union Carbide - Lab Bldg. 322
  • University of Texas Harlingen - New Regional Academic Health Center, Phase I and II
  • University of Texas - Institute for Biotechnology
  • University of Texas - Lomber Lab
  • University of Texas - MD Anderson - Chimp Compound Expansion in Bastrop
  • University of Texas - Southwestern Laboratory Research and Support Building - Dallas, Texas
  • University of Texas - Smithville Cancer Research Lab