HMG & Associates Inc.

Technological and Data Centers

From high-speed computing to financial transactions, technological and data centers provide many of the functions we depend on in modern life. The systems that help these centers run require considerable power. We’ve worked on several high-profile projects to provide researchers and technological professionals with the infrastructure necessary to perform their work efficiently and effectively.

University of Texas – J.J. Pickle Campus – High Performance Computer Facility Expansion "Stampede"

Expansion of the existing data center and a new central plant in Austin, Texas.

Project Architect: Atkins, Austin, Texas
Total GSF Data Center Expansion: 14,240 gsf
Total GSF Central Plant: 8675 gsf
Project Cost: $32,000,000

Our work on this project included:

  • 3750-ton cooling capacity
  • One million gallon thermal energy storage tank
  • In-row coolers totaling 1,370,000 cfm serving the data center in an N+4 configuration
  • Hot aisle containment
  • 6.4 MW total electrical load for the data center plus 2.8 MW electrical load for the central plant
  • 415/240V, three phase distribution to the computer racks
  • 400 kVA static UPS to back up critical racks in the data center


University of Texas - J.J. Pickle Campus – Research Office Complex/Texas Advanced Computing Center (ROC/TACC)

Three-story office building and data center in Austin, Texas.

Project Architect: Atkins, Austin, Texas
Total GSF Building: 105,000 gsf
Total GSF Data Center: 6500 gsf
Project Cost: $44,000,000

Our work on this project included:

  • New central plant with three 310-ton air-cooled chillers in an N+1 configuration
  • Data center cooling includes seven 32-ton CRAC units and 124 in-row coolers
  • Hot aisle containment
  • 2.1 MW electrical load for the data center and 1.8 MW electrical load for the central plant
  • Twenty-one 208/120V power distribution units serve the computer racks


University of Texas - The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall – Austin, Texas

Seven level Computer Science Research and Teaching Center

Project Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects / STG Design
Total GSF Building: 142,000 gsf
Project Cost: $120,000,000

Our work on this project included:

  • Two separate seven-level buildings connected by a five-level atrium
  • 1500-ton chilled water cooling
  • 40,000 cfm of outside air pretreatment
  • Full smoke control for atrium and stairwells
  • Separate server rooms for each of ten “Research Clusters”, each cooled with one or more chilled water Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units
  • 2500 kVA double ended substation for incoming power
  • LEED Silver certification


Confidential Client Labs and Office Building - Austin, Texas

One story mobility technology research and testing laboratory building.

Project Architect: Muñoz and Company, San Antonio, Texas
Total GSF Building: 101,000 gsf
Project Cost: $30,000,000

Our work on this project included:

  • 1600-ton central plant expandable to 2400 tons in an N+1 configuration
  • 566,500 cfm total air system capacity, including contained hot isle for high-density labs in an N+1 configuration
  • Two 15,000V redundant primary services
  • 15,000V/500 MVA metal clad double ended substation
  • Three 3200 amp, 480/277V double ended substations
  • Fourteen 1600 amp switchboards
  • Fourteen 48 Vdc power plants
  • Four 1760 kW/2200 kVA diesel rotary uninterruptible power supply units (DRUPS) in an N+1 configuration
  • Total power capacity ten MW


Additional Data Center Experience Includes:

  • Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. - Headquarters Building - Austin, Texas
  • Stephen F. Austin - 4th - 8th Floor Renovations & MEP Infrastructure - Austin, Texas
  • AT&T Laboratories, Inc. - Austin, Texas
  • Polycom - Riverplace Building No. 6 - Austin, Texas
  • Motive Communications, Inc. - Headquarters Bldg. - Austin, Texas
  • AFIS - Computer Facility - Austin, Texas
  • City of Austin - Data Center - Austin, Texas
  • Sematech - Office Tower - Austin, Texas
  • United States Embassy - Georgetown, Guyana
  • Austin Independent School District - Carruth Building - Austin, Texas
  • Austin Independent School District - Technology Infrastructure - Austin, Texas
  • Citizens Memorial Hospital - Victoria, Texas
  • University of Texas Pan Am - General Classroom and Computer Center - Edinburg, Texas
  • Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research - SBC Genomics Computing Center - San Antonio, Texas
  • Consolidated Technologies - Austin, Texas
  • Confidential Clients - Austin, Texas